Know More About Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

For obvious reasons, women have a different biological make-up than men so the way their system reacts to certain illness are also different. Take the case of heart attack, millions of women worldwide also suffer from myocardial infarction ( MI) or heart attack. However, the heart attack symptoms in women are manifested differently as studies reveal. In a way, this is plausible since women react to stress differently as compared to men. Stress is considered as a risk factor in heart attack aside from age, gender and heredity. Heart attack symptoms in women may also be more felt differently since according to the research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH ), women have a feeling of foreboding even months before the heart attack.

The findings of the study titled “ Women’s Early Warning Symptoms of Acute Myocardial Infarction” was published in 2003 by the Circulation journal of the American Heart Association. It is a groundbreaking research since it focused on the heart attack symptoms in women which provided the medical profession with valuable insights. Findings in the study can be used by cardiologists to advise their female patients to be more aware of heart attack symptoms in women.

Heart attack symptoms in women, according to the study, usually starts like an indigestion and weakness in the arms is felt that seems normal but actually indicates a heart attack. At least,a lot of women can be warned about such signals that may prompt them to consult a doctor especially if they haven’t seen one before. The study also showed that heart attack symptoms in women commonly felt way before were: sleep disturbance, difficulty in breathing and always feeling exhausted most of the time. In fact, chest pain was not really a major indication among heart attack symptoms in women.Unlike in the case of men where the start of a heart attack can be very sudden, heart attack symptoms in women show that they have more chances of preventing the incident.

Heart attack symptoms in women are helpful since they act as warning signs about one’s health status. As soon as any of these symptoms are felt by by your spouse, daughter, parent or any loved one, advise her to seek medical treatment immediately.

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