How to Stop Diarrhea: Treatment and Cures

Diarrhea, next to the common cold is the most common thing that affects the body. Whether we like it or not there will come a point in our life where we will experience this medical condition. The usual diarrhea would just linger for a few days and move on while those that last longer may indicate a serious condition. If there is a frequent discharge of stools, for instance more than three times a day, the likelihood of diarrhea is imminent. The stool colors may vary and it may even be accompanied by blood and undigested specks of food. Luckily, there are a few things you can do and learn how to stop diarrhea.

The key how to stop diarrhea is preventing the body from dehydration. Intake of a lot of fluids will reduce the risks to your digestive system. If a person gets dehydrated, he or she will lose vital fluids and electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Drinking water alone is inadequate to replenish the lost minerals and electrolytes so better drink some broth or soup that contains sodium. In addition to that, drink fruit juices and eat soft fruits or vegetables for potassium.

Speaking of diet, trying out the BRAT diet may be another great how to stop diarrhea tip. BRAT is an acronym for food such as bananas, rice, apples or applesauce and toast. This diet is usually for children but adults can also partake of this diet so they can decrease their episodes of diarrhea.

One practical tip on how to stop diarrhea is taking pro-biotic yogurt. This pro-biotic yogurt may contain enzymes that would combat the symptoms of specific types of diarrhea and thus shortening the duration of this medical condition.

Stay away from diarrhea medications as much as possible. If your doctor did not prescribe you to take them, you better refrain from diarrhea medications. The body heals itself by producing loose stools to get rid of the infection. There are reports that the medications would trap the parasite, virus or bacteria inside the stomach thus aggravating the ailment instead of alleviating it.

The previous how to stop diarrhea tips are for adults only and not for children or babies. Children and newborns are special cases and they should be looked at by doctors as soon as the symptoms manifest itself.

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