A Guide to Scabies Treatment Over The Counter Medications Available

Scabies is a highly-infectious skin disease brought about by the parasite Sarcoptei scabiei. The infection can be spread through direct skin to skin contact or using infected people's bedding or linen. Upon transmission, the nymph would continuously lay eggs on the skin that would become mites after 21 days. As soon as these mites mature, they persistently create burrows under the skin that creates an allergic reaction. Scabies is also regarded as sexually transmitted disease due to the fact that it is common among young people who are sexually active. Scabies as a skin condition is difficult because the allergic reaction to the mites produces persistent itchiness enough to keep you awake at night.

The are different choices available for scabies treatment over the counter prescription creams and lotions that FDA had deemed as safe to use. Some types of scabies over the treatment cream rinses can also be used to reduce itchiness. Having said that, people must follow all the directions to avoid abuse and other health risks.There are also some scabies treatment over the counter medications that should not be used for babies, young children, pregnant and lactating women. Because of this, seeking a doctor's advice is the most advisable step towards treating scabies.

Typically, scabies treatment over the counter creams like Elimite should be applied on the skin and left for 8-10 hours. After the skin has absorbed the cream, the scabies over the treatment cream must be washed off from the skin. The cream can be used for two applications with a one week difference between treatment. Scabies also produces itchy symptoms so reducing such discomfort is also much sought. In such cases, some scabies treatment over the counter anti-histamines works well. It can even reach the point where doctors prescribe steroids due to the unbearable itch.
Repeated scratching can develop into other skin conditions that can worsen the disease. Scratching can result to open wounds that are susceptible to infection so this must be promptly stopped. In such situations, antibiotics are also given as part of the treatment. Since there are many choices for scabies over the counter medications, the disease can be controlled. Yet, the safest way in handling this skin condition is to see a doctor as soon as possible.

By Health Tips

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