Mouth Bacteria

Your face is the mirror of your health. Sometimes the condition of your mouth can give you clues regarding your overall health. Maintenance of a good oral hygiene is very necessary during today's hectic lifestyles. You will be surprised to know that your body's well being lies entirely on the health of your mouth. Mouth bacteria can cause several oral ailments, including bad breath and infections.

From your mouth, you can observe various symptoms that can help you identify health problems that can indicate the first signs of a chronic disease. There are many mouth related disease such as gum disease which is caused by a mouth bacteria. People can avoid these bacteria if they maintain good oral health such as daily brushing and flossing. However, this is sometimes not sufficient because harmful bacteria can grow out of control and they can lead to infection or any serious disease. Saliva is a key to fight against bacteria and viruses because it contains enzymes that can fight against mouth bacteria different ways.

When your mouth is healthy, bacteria usually never enters into bloodstream, otherwise it can cause serious diseases. Sometime due to invasive treatments, it may allow bacteria to enter into your bloodstream. There are many reasons such as reduce saliva-flow or disruptions of normal balance of bacteria in your mouth may encourage bacteria to enter into bloodstream. It is believed that these bacteria from your mouth are linked to several health related problems with your body.

There are more than 100 species of bacteria along with hundred species of fungi, protozoa and viruses that can cause mouth related diseases. Additionally there are more than 500 other living, breathing microorganisms inhabiting in our mouths out of which only 50 have been identified and named.

The most harmful mouth bacteria inhabiting in our mouth is streptococcus mutant strain, which is a cavity causing bacteria. It was initially thought to be a harmless bacterium, but later it was found to be harmful for mouth. The source of this bacterium is sugar; it thrives upon refined sugar and as a part of its digestive process that converts sugar into acid.

There are many harmful affects of bacteria such as it can decay our tooth. That is why people should brush their teeth after eating and avoid too many sweets. It is also recommended by dentists, that people should not open their mouth very now and then; this is the best way that they will avoid bacteria into their body, most of the time these harmful mouth bacteria either kill by mouth enzymes or stomach acids.

Some bacteria can be helpful and they can destroy harmful mouth bacteria without causing any harm to your body.

There are many kinds of bacteria in out mouth. The most common kind of bacteria are called as normal flora and they can be streptococcus salivarious, streptococcus mutants and actinomyces which are the common types of bacteria found in the human mouth. Some bacteria require in oxygen and some bacteria do not require oxygen to grow. The bacterium is a kind of mouth bacteria that thrives on nutrients obtained from human food. Another example of mouth bacteria is an anaerobic actinomyces that requires oxygen to grow and it probably gets it from mouth. Visit your dentist to know about the latest trends in dealing with mouth bacteria.

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