Learn about Heart Attack Symptoms and Save Lives

Each and every day,millions of people around the world are rushed into the hospital or clinic because of one serious culprit- heart attack. A person who seems normal and even active like the case of a young Indian corporate executive experiences an excruciating chest pain and shortness of breath. In a matter of hours, the man dies from that first and single episode of heart attack that can be very scary to know. Indeed, heart attack does not respect age, creed, gender or even social status as it is regarded as the leading cause of mortality in western countries like the United States.

It is therefore very crucial to detect early heart attack symptoms that would most likely save your life or the life of your loved ones. Even so, understanding the main cause of heart attack and how it happens would benefit anyone.

When the blood flow going to the heart is blocked thereby preventing adequate supply of blood to the heart, heart attack happens. The blood flow cannot go on normally due to the plaque build-up around the walls of the coronary arteries and this is serious since its responsible for bringing blood to the organ. Actually, this condition develops gradually over the years brought about by fatty diet and sedentary lifestyle. The blood delivers oxygen to the heart and having a less than normal amount of supply could have serious ramifications like morbidity. Thus, knowing heart attack symptoms at the initial stage is really a lifesaver so to speak of.

The most common symptoms of a heart attack are exhibited by the following:

Crushing chest pain It may begin as a simple feeling of heartburn and progress to uncomfortable pressure as if an elephant is sitting on your chest. In some cases, the pain may be mild but no matter what intensity, it is surely uncomfortable and recurring. The person can also be confused,clumsy, dizzy or feel light-headed. For most people experiencing a heart attack, they feel cold and sweat and find it hard to breathe. These initial heart attack symptoms is a signal for a medical emergency.

Pain that's felt in other parts of the body. Pain can also spread to the arms, back, jaw and shoulders aside from the usual chest pain. The person has begins to have a panic attack so pay attention to heart attack symptoms.

In case any of heart attack symptoms are detected, call the doctor or better yet, rush the person to the nearest medical center.

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