The Importance of Heart Attack Statistics

As many people experience many form of stressor from daily living, the incidence of heart attack increases. Usually, stress is normal and even healthy for people so they can be challenged and live normally. Unfortunately, once stress surpass the levels that a human being can deal with, certain health conditions like cardiovascular diseases can develop too. Heart attack statistics from many countries illustrates the fact that heart attack is one of the leading cause of death worldwide.

One of the most credible source of information for heart attack statistics is World Health Organization. According to their 2002 report, 49 % of heart attack was mainly triggered by high blood pressure. Hypertension is caused by unhealthy diet choices like fatty food which results to obesity. Those who have elevated blood pressure mostly lack physical activity. Once blood pressure shoots up, chest pain and shortness of breath would be felt that can lead to heart attack. Most of the time, emotional stress caused by too much anxiety can contribute to hypertension. Thus, heart attack statistics tells us indirectly to keep our blood pressure at normal levels by having a healthy lifestyle.

On top of that, other metabolic disorders like diabetes are commonly associated with heart problems. In the heart attack statistics reported by Australia’s health in 2004, 3.3% of adults who suffer from diabetes and sought medical services had a heart attack. states that 2 out of 3 people afflicted with diabetes often die from heart attack or stroke. Thus, heart attack statistics are important since they not only provide us the incidence of heart problems but also state other ailments related to it.

Another very important information about heart attack statistics is that it points out the relationship of bad habits like smoking and likelihood of heart disease. The World Federation Fact Sheet 2002 states that Myocardial Infarction, or typically known as heart attack is more likely to cause death 4 times higher to most heavy smokers. For this reason, doctors usually advise their patients who have heart conditions to stop smoking as soon as possible since their arteries are already damaged.

Heart attack statistics aren't only figures but helpful data that educates us which can even prolong our lives.

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