Heart Attack Risks Classification

In most cases, majority of people all over the world would prefer to die from old age and not from any disease as much as possible. Death caused by any disease particularly chronic or terminal ones are not only painful but costly too. However, it seems that modern man has to deal also with stress caused by work or environmental pollution as well as unhealthy lifestyle. Modern man is always in a rush and often choose instant stuff that goes against wellness. Heart attack risks are commonplace because people neglect to choose healthy habits that can prolong his life. The good thing is, latest developments in scientific research provides health organizations such as WHO and the American Heart Association (AHA) with relevant information regarding heart attack risks. According to AHA ,there are many heart attacks risks factors that people should familiarize themselves with. The following guidelines provide an overview of types of heart attack risks:

Major Heart Attack risks. There are some heart attack risks that have been established based on the following categories: Aging, Gender, and Heredity. Ordinarily, as people age the body becomes weak as well as their organs. Gender is considered a factor too since it has been determined by WHO that men are more prone to heart attacks than women. Lastly, race is one of the major heart attack risks factor. Certain groups of people like African Americans have higher incidence of heart attacks than Caucasians.

Controllable Heart Attack risks. As compared to major heart attack risks, there are certain heart attack risks that people can control by modifying their lifestyle and adopting healthy habits. One example,people can quit smoking since this increases the case of heart attack four times more for heavy smokers according to WHO. One more factor that people can control is blood cholesterol. People who regularly have a fatty diet jeopardize their health by increasing their blood cholesterol. In connection with this, it is also vital to exercise in order to shed some pounds. Shedding pounds also equates to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. In short, one good health habit leads to another benefit.

Certainly, several heart attack risks are given but a lot of them can be managed by having discipline. The only difference is spelled by the ability to change lifestyle for good.

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