All About Mild Heart Attacks Symptoms

Usually, it is a common notion that an episode of heart attack is indicated by crushing chest pain that needs medical attention. In a way, this is correct but people should also understand that mild heart attacks could happen to an in individual which may seem unnoticed. Also, it is important for doctors to observe more latent mild heart attack symptoms as extra precaution.

Chest pain is the most pronounced symptom of mild heart attacks among the many possible signs. The chest pain is similar to the feeling of indigestion or heartburn so it's ignored by a lot of people. However, when the pain lasts for more than a few minutes, it should be given prompt medical attention. Mild heart attacks are indicators that we must take care of our heart and that means seeing a specialist.

There is one common heart attacks symptoms known as angina pectoris. Usually, angina pectoris is chest pain that is linked with coronary heart disease. This can possibly occur especially when there is not enough oxygen supply for the heart. In such instance, it is highly likely that an artery leading to the heart is blocked. As a result, ischemia or inadequate blood supply affects the heart and cause chest pain (angina). However, angina can also be an indication of other heart problems that is related to the valve.

Several symptoms of mild heart attacks are pain that spreads to the jaws, shoulders, arms and neck. When such symptoms are felt by individuals, they have a cold sweat and run out of breath. They can be dizzy and nauseous as well as confused too. In the case of women, a study published by Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association reported that women often feel mild heart attacks symptoms a month before the episode. Usually, women feel unusually tired and complain of weakness in the left arm. Additionally, women find it difficult to sleep at night and feel tired most of the time.

Remember that a heart attack is not only indicated by severe chest pain all the time. In some cases a feeling of indigestion is actually one of the mild heart attacks symptoms. If you begin to feel this sensation,rush to the nearest clinic.

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