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Currently, more and more people are searching for the best type of diet that can hopefully help them control their weight. Not too long ago, the HCG diet has been gaining media mileage since dieters on this prograim claim that it works. There are three phases within the HCG diet plan which requires consumption of very low calories ( 500 calories) on a daily basis. After subjecting the body to low calorie intake for three weeks, the person can adjust to eating moderately again. This makes people more curious on the contents of the popular hcg diet menu. The HCG diet menu emphasizes less fat, fewer carbohydrates, more fiber and protein from white meat. Carbohyrates like sugar and pasta are not advised to people following the diet. Check out the following sample HCG Diet Menu that can help you start a hcg diet plan:

Hcg diet menu for breakfast

* Deccaffeinated Coffee

* Yerba Mate tea

* Chamomile tea

* Glass of water

* Other herbal tea

In lieu of coffee or tea, some people go for just a cold glass of water. Yerba mate is known to stimulate weight loss. Nonetheless, stay away from caffeinated drinks especially in the latter part of the day so you can sleep well at night. In addtion to that, people must consume at least a pint of water a day to facilitate weight loss process.

HCG Diet Menu for Lunch or Dinner

Protein is a basic element of this diet. At all costs, try to get organic meat products as protein source when sticking to this diet plan. During lunch or dinner, a person can only eat 100 mg of protein in this diet. Eating eggs are prohibited in the HCG diet menu. Fish is a good option only if they are bass, flounder or sole.When cooking meat,oil must not be used at all. Grilling is one of the best oprtion for this diet.

Vegetables. Green,leafy or cruciferous vegetables are allowed in this diet. Cook vegetables by steaming them a little to make them half-cooked. Per meal time, up to only two kinds of vegetables can be used.

The HCG diet menu is pretty easy to follow as long as you have the right mindset. Effective weight management needs dedication and effort to succeed.

By Daily Health Tips

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