Pilates for Beginners Checklist

Beginning a new exercise routine such as Pilates can seem daunting. It may look intimidating if you're not prepared. Here is a checklist for Pilates beginners that may help take away some of the uncertainty.

The Pilates Class

Taking a group class is where many people start. If possible, see if you can observe a class before signing up. This gives you a chance to listen to and watch the instructor. He or she should have the following characteristics and qualifications:

* They should give clear, easy-to-understand directions
* They should be enthusiastic (not necessarily hyper - just an obvious love for what he or she does)
* They should be certified to instruct
* They should be doing the exercises along with the students

A good instructor makes you feel like jumping right in and trying. The students should look enthusiastic, too. Not everyone is going to be perfectly toned, of course, but look at the students and see if you can discern the kind of achievements you want to reach.

Also note if the students who are struggling are getting help. Does the instructor ignore them, or does he or she give individual help when needed? Does the instructor get impatient with students who don't quite "get it" right away?

Pilates at Home

If you choose to do Pilates at home, look for a reputable DVD with good reviews. You can also find Pilates tutorials and routines online. Just make sure it fits your level - choose a video that has the instruction you need, not the kind you wish you needed.


The basic floor mat is a good place to start. It's inexpensive, and a whole range of Pilates exercises can be performed on it. Whether you are doing Pilates in a class or at home, having your own mat is a good idea.


Your instructor will need to see your muscles and posture easily so that he or she knows if you're doing the exercises correctly. Thus, really baggy clothing is not a good idea. Tight, binding clothing is not helpful, either; you don't want anything that inhibits movement. Aim for comfortable clothing that is stretchy, like dance apparel. It should cling to your body enough to see what you're doing, but have enough give not to inhibit movements.


There is quite a range of costs involved in starting Pilates. If you begin at home with free online tutorials and a simple floor mat, your cost could be as little as $15 (roughly the cost of a more inexpensive mat). A lot of specialized home equipment can run well into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A series of classes varies by studio, of course, but you can expect to pay an average of $15-$30 a session. Many studios offer package rates where you pay for a series of classes for less than paying for each individual class.

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