Increase Your Awareness of HCG Diet Dangers

Almost all people are concerned about their physical well-being and that includes weight issues. Aside from having a blemish free skin, people are mostly concerned about body fat. Being overweight does not only make people insecure but also creates health conditions.A sedentary lifestyle and excess overweight can cause hypertension and obesity for overweight people.Since these are important health concerns, may individuals have to lose excess pounds in the form of exercise or diet.

Unfortunately,there exists hundreds of diet in the market today but people should be aware that these have side-effects. Lately, HCG diet has gained much attention since it can address overweight issues. HCG diet dangers are disturbing because people can really get sick from following the diet. Simply considering the fact that one must subsist on a very low calorie consumption is a cause of concern.

HCG diet dangers include side effects such as:

* Headaches

* Blood clots

* Mood swings

* Depression

* Dizziness

It is not advisable for the body to go through a state of extreme hunger because this can make a person sick. HCG diet dangers are for real because the body's blood sugar drops at a very low rate that can trigger the headaches, mood swings, and dizziness. A highly restrictive diet can result to migraines and other headache. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) is also a possible side-effect aside from the symptoms aforementioned. This is mostly caused by the mix of hormone injections that accompanies the diet program. OHSS is often indicated by symptoms like pelvic pain, swelling of extremities, stomach pain and even vomiting that can make life miserable.

However,individuals would go to extremes and risk their valuable health just to lose unwanted pounds fast. If there is one particular piece of information about HCG diet dangers that people should look into, it's the validity of claim. In fact, as early as 1975, FDA has already disproved the claims of the HCG injections in bringing down weight. However, some individuals continue promoting these dangerous injectables. People should look into other alternative options that can be healthier than risking their health to hcg diet dangers. If people are just diligent enough to search for sensible information, they can altogether prevent themselves from possible health risks.

By Health Tips

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