Erosive Gastritis

Gastritis is a condition that arises due to the inflammation or irritation of the inner lining of the stomach. Erosive Gastritis is a rare disorder and yet is one type of Gastritis where the inner lining of the stomach starts to erode or wear away sometimes leaving inflamed lesions on the stomach lining. After a period of time this may lead to the formation of ulcers commonly caused when gastric juices irritate the upper curvature of the stomach.

Typically, this condition develops slowly( Chornic Erosive Gastritis), nevertheless a patient may also be stricken by it abruptly (Acute Erosive Gastritis) and it is a condition that may arise in seemingly healthy people as well.

Some key symptoms to look out for when diagnosing Erosive Gastritis is Nausea or Vomiting due to inflammation of the stomach lining. Such inflammation may trigger stomach acid to flow backwards up into the throat. Affected patients may experience a burning sensation within the upper abdomen or chest, a condition referred to as dyspepsia or heartburn. These symptoms lead to a decrease in appetite which may result in minor weight loss amongst certain patients. One should also be watchful of blood within the vomit or stools, bleeding within the stomach and gas within the stomach resulting in a bloated sensation within the stomach.

Of the several factors that cause Erosive Gastritis, increased levels of stress is regarded as one of the most significant causes. Apart from this other factors that contribute to causing Erosive Gastritis are injury, infection, autoimmune disorders, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as asprin and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Fortunately, by modifying the food consumed, consumption patterns and the lifestyles we lead this condition can be cured.

Make it a habit to eat small, frequent yet regular meals that include foods that are easy to digest ( rich in fibre) such as cereals, grains, vegetable like carrots and spinach, non-citrus fruit, dairy products such as yoghurt, cottage cheese. Avoid spicy/oily food, acidic fruit/vegetables such as tomatoes, orange, chocolate, caffine, foods with artificial flavours and colouring, meat products such as sausages and bacon and fizzy drinks.

Also modify your lifestyle by reducing alcohol consumption. Avoid smoking or being around second -hand smoke. Instead engage in exercises that helps circulate blood within the system and practice things like Yoga which will help manage stress levels.
In the event none of the above tips work, it is advisable that you visit your doctor and seek professional medical attention as soon as possible.

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