Cure for Gastritis

There are many causes that lead to gastritis which can be defined as an inflammation of the stomach lining. For those of you who have been suffering from the burning sensations, bad breath and that feeling of uncomfortable fullness, it’s time to for a cure to gain relief and to prevent nasty stomach ulcers in the future.

There are many drugs in the market that promise to be the cure for gastritis while over the counter antacids provide momentary relief from the pain other drugs such as Cimetadine, Famotidine and Nizatidine work against stomach acid production. But the best known medical cure for gastritis is a set of drugs which shut down the activity of acid pumps in the stomach which provides long lasting results but are best when administered in low dosages throughout a short period of time.

The cure for gastritis doesn’t necessarily have to come in pill form: home remedies have also known to be effective. Ordinary, readily available vegetables such as potatoes and juicy fruits such as apples provide pain relief and are known to provide long term results. Maintaining a fruit only diet consisting oranges, melons, pears, grapefruits, peaches and grapes for a two – three days is a well known cure for gastritis in its acute form. Potato juice, coconut water and fresh ginger taken before meals are well known methods of fighting stomach acid. Yoghurt is the most popular natural cure for gastritis, therefore yoghurt with other dairy products such as cottage cheese, curd and buttermilk could be easily incorporated in to meals to keep stomach acids at bay.

Food alone cannot guarantee relief from the discomforts of gastritis; one has to develop healthy eating and lifestyle patterns in order to maintain stomach as well as overall health. It is considered unsuitable to drink too much water while taking meals as it dilutes stomach acids and slows down the digestion process. In the pursue for the best cure for gastritis, the intake of caffeinated drinks, carbonated soft drinks and alcohol should be limited if not avoided altogether. Smoking and hot spices only slow down the healing process and cause further complication. It is also wise to give that sweet tooth a rest and practice portion control and balanced meals.

The main thing to keep in mind is that a balanced diet, a stress free lifestyle, good exercise and most importantly taking meals regularly is the best known cure for gastritis as well as the best method of preventing other health problems.

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