Gastritis Antrum

You are surely to have come across the term gastritis, and you are likely to know what it means too. But what does gastritis antrum mean? The antrum is the term used to refer to the lower portion of your stomach. It is the responsibility of this area to release things out to the intestinal tract. When an inflammation develops in this area, causing discomfort and hampering its usual course of events, it is known as gastritis antrum.

Usually, when the antrum becomes inflamed, the cause of inflammation is likely to be due to bacterial infections. However it is important to remember that a pathogen is not the only way a person comes about having developed gastritis antrum. But interestingly, no matter what caused the infection, the symptoms and results are likely to be identical. Therefore, we would understand that physicians find it increasingly difficult to pin down the root cause of a gastritis antrum attack.
When you feel abdominal discomfort accompanied by common gastritis related symptoms, it is important to go for a medical checkup. The exactly type of gastritis attack may not be revealed to you at the doctor’s but you can at least be under medication to control the situation.

If left untreated gastritis antrum can lead to a condition known as pangastritis. In the latter, the entire stomach will be affected by the bacterial attack causing discomfort and pain while slowing down digestive processes. As it is known, majority of gastritis attacks are acute in nature, suddenly appearing and disappearing. The common most reason for gastritis antrum to occur could be an inflammation in the gastric mucosa. Alcohol and food poisoning too could be primary causes of gastritis antrum. In those severe cases, gastritis could be just a little indication of a bigger problem such as HIV, crohn’s disease and body’s inability to withstand excessive pain medication. For example in the case of cancer patients.

The scariest thing about gastritis antrum is that the condition could live inside your body for many years, without giving you any indication about it. the common most way in which such dormant forms of gastritis becomes revealed is when people perform endoscopies for other medical reasons. Some people will also experience gas, ingestion issues and tools mixed with blood. But then again, physicians are unlikely to suspect gastritis when such conditions come out. So the truth about gastritis antrum is that you will never know when it starts and if it will ever be cured for sometimes, you will not even know if gastritis antrum exist.

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