What to do to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Taking illegal drugs that are typically against company policies, this is why employers require their applicants or employees to undergo testing if they are positive of consuming illegal substances. They usually do different types of test, like the blood test, the urine test and of course, a hair drug test. According to laboratory testing sites, hair drug test is the most accurate and less invasive form of test.

They claimed that altering the results of the test is not possible. However, that claim is not 100 percent correct, there are still ways to pass the test if you have used drugs. This article will try to help you pass a hair drug test.

Knowing how labs detect drugs in hair will help you give the answer to the question how to pass a hair drug test. The hair shaft is where the toxins grow. The inner shaft of the hair is called the cortex. Drug metabolites can be found here once it is deposited into newly formed hair strands. As the hair grows, the metabolites are pushed towards the outer edge of the cortex. Analysis not only can detect the metabolites but with the advent of technology, it can also provide information of quantity consumed and even historic pattern of use.

To get the most accurate reading labs only look back 90 days from the date of the sample was taken, because drug metabolites tend to wash out after 90 days of growth, which is approximately 1 ½ inches of hair.

On how to pass a hair drug test, there has been a lot of suggestions and advice, most of them are home remedies like lemon juice method and Macogo method. Products like masking shampoos and other detoxifying products are being sold to guarantee success, however, tests have shown that it only shows minimal results.

According to some people who went out of their way just to pass a hair drug test is to apply a coal tar shampoo, then rinse at least 6 times and lastly make use of a strong acid to penetrate the cuticle and purify the outer cortex. One needs to have a strong industrial prepared acid to really penetrate the cuticles. A lot of experts recommend the brand Toxin Wash, a hair detoxifying shampoo.

After passing a hair drug test it’ll be a great idea to stay away from drugs because there are other employers who constantly do random drug test, so its better safe than sorry.

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