Why Do We Need to Go Through Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Today, Large companies and major establishments normally implement Pre employment drug testing. This is imperative in keeping the work place and the environment safe and drug-free.

Preventing someone who regularly use illegal substances to join the company will save a lot of money and time because issues relating to undesirable events that occur when an employee is under the influence of prohibited drugs will be avoided. Also, companies have no desire in jeopardizing their company’s reputation just by hiring someone who is addicted to illegal substances and cause trouble to the company.

Pre-employment drug testing became an essential procedure in every job applicant screening in order to prevent possible problems, injuries or damages to the company. This involves retrieval of specimens or samples like blood or urine; hence, subjects are generally required to visit specific clinics that cater to drug testing where laboratory tests on samples are performed.

The standard pre employment drug testing usually consists of a 5-panel test, which fins out if there is any illegal substances consumed by the subject, they are; cocaine, PCP, marijuana, amphetamines like methamphetamine, and opiates like morphine and codeine. Sometimes, major companies prefer to have a more comprehensive drug test that checks if there is any physician-prescribed drugs and verify current medications of a person. But the cost of comprehensive drug testing is quite expensive; that is why most companies prefer the standard test procedures.

The applicant is most likely to be rejected if the pre-employment drug testing results come out positive. However, it is best that verification process must be done prior to giving final unfair judgment on the applicant since there are also several factors that can cause false positive results; like eating poppy seeds prior to the test. Hence, it is best to consult the concerned person and the Medical Review Officer shall ask pertinent questions like recent food intake. To confirm the initial positive result, another thorough test may be necessary.

Nonetheless, pre employment drug testing has become very beneficial in terms of security and health safety in the work place, it can also maintain a company’s reputation and good image to its clients and business partners.

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