What is an Over the Counter Drug Test

Different people use over the counter drug test for different purposes, it can be used to check if your teenage daughter or son is being influenced by prohibited drugs or it can be as useful to companies who want to make sure their employees and applicants are not consuming illegal substances. They would usually turn to over-the counter drug testing kits to confirm their initial suspicion and hope for the best.

Drug testing can be a very sensitive issue, this is why it is very difficult to choose the right test especially is we are unfamiliar with the methods of detecting drug abuse. To identify a specific substance that is being abused, a person has to study and learn about drug tests and specific drugs. There are three types of over the counter drug test. They are the urine test, the saliva swab test and lastly the hair test.

Urine drug test is the most common type of over the counter drug test because traces of the drugs are left in the body and exits through the excretory system. It offers on the spot results without going to the laboratory and have the urine sample analyzed. The downside of this test is first, it is very uncomfortable and insensitive to have somebody make sure that the urine sample is really belongs to the one being tested.

Saliva swab test on the other hand is the most popular method of drug testing because it is less invasive. Once one is suspected of drug use, it is better to utilize this over-the-counter drug test immediately because of the limited time it can determine the drug that has been taken. Though it can be difficult to manipulate, saliva swab drug test has certain limitations in determining the quantity, how recent and what particular drug is being tested for. Over the counter drug test also include the hair test. A hair test is the most accurate test but it will also take a lot of time because the samples have to be analyzed for at least 30 days. A hair test can determine what specific illegal substance was taken and how long the subject is addicted to these prohibited drugs.

Different methods to detect if you are using prohibited drugs and a person who uses them must be capable of confronting the consequences of the results. If the tests are negative, you can breath a sigh of relief, but if positive, then prepare for the next steps on confronting drug problems.

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