Canine Orthopedic Braces : Helping Man's Best Friend

Dogs also experience pain and injury like their owners which is why there are specially designed canine orthopedic braces for dogs. These braces vary in forms depending on the type of injury and of course, the size of the dog. They are significantly important as this helps an injured dog recover and heal the affected area by supporting and stabilizing it. The canine orthopedic braces can lessen the trauma that has occured when the dog is moving around with the injury.

The hip hound brace is one good example of canine orthopedic brace. It is wrapped around the hips of the dog and is designed to support the lower back and hip area of the dog. This type of braces are normally used to treat dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, decreased endurance, low back pain, and back leg limping. It is also highly suited for dogs that are recovering from a surgery or injury.

The other forms of canine orthopedic braces are those that are used to treat various limb injuries of dogs. Among these are stifle braces for the knee, hock and paw braces, elbow braces, and carpus and paw braces. These types of canine orthopedic braces are used after a surgical procedure, so that the recovering dog can still move around while the injured body part is still healing. Another advantage of canine orthopedic braces is that it prevents the loss of muscle mass during the recovery period while correctly positioning the affected body into the normal position especially when it was dislocated.

There are some factors that you have to consider when buying for your pet dog canine orthopedic braces. Basically, be definite that the braces that you are buying have no metal in them as they are counterproductive to the recovery of the dog. The more suitable braces are made out of composite rubber joints as they are sturdy and works well with the movement of the dog.

When buying canine orthopedic braces for your dog always remember that it's your pet’s veterinarian who should make the cast for your dog. Never ever settle for braces without custom fittings as it may not work for your dog at all.

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