Essential Facts About Orthopedic Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are usually known as one of the most common injuries experienced by both athletes and normal people alike which is why orthopedic ankle braces are really important. Orthopedic ankle braces essentially keep your ankle stable and relieves the pressure off it by immobilizing it. This is very fundamental as ankle injuries such as sprains and strains are extremely painful when moved. The use of orthopedic ankle braces reduces the pain felt and assists the injured part to heal by dramatically reducing the trauma inflicted to it when walking.

There are actually different types of orthopedic ankle braces that can address treatment of ankle injuries. The one that is commonly used immediately after the ankle is injured is the rigid ankle braces. This type of ankle braces completely prevents the ankle from moving so the patient cannot further cause injury to that part. Immobilizing the ankle at once after being injured is highly important as the injured person suffers from extreme pain even if moved a bit. In addition, immobilizing the injured ankle prevents further damage or injury to the newly affected area.

Another kind of orthopedic ankle braces are the functional ankle braces. It includes Aircast or semirigid braces, soft braces, and lace-up braces. Unlike rigid ankle braces, these types of braces actually allow some movement of the ankle. Recent research reveals that treating acute ankle sprains with functional ankle braces have better results as compared to the treatment that involves restricting the ankle with rigid ankle braces. Those who treated their ankle injury with functional ankle braces have faster recovery period, less inflammation and instability, and greater overall satisfaction.

In addition, athletes involved in sports that are susceptible to ankle injuries such as basketball and football, can use a special type of orthopedic ankle braces known as prophylactic ankle braces. These types of braces can serve as a prevention measure against ankle injuries. They are also ideal for athletes who have a history of ankle injury in order to lessen the chance of reinjuring the ankle once again. The disadvantage of using these kind of bracers is that it can limit ankle movement which some people may find uncomfortable thereby affecting performance..

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