Basics of Orthopedic Neck Brace

Orthopedic neck braces or cervical collars are crucial orthopedic medical devices that is employed on the cervical part of a person�s spinal cord and also their head. It is often used by emergency medical personnel on people who have just undergone traumatic head and neck injuries. Aside from emergency conditions, an orthopedic neck brace may also be utilized therapeutically on chronic medical disorders, as well as to protect athletes from neck injuries in high-risk motorsports like Motocross, go-kart racing, and speedboat racing.

The main function of an orthopedic neck brace is to help people who have been through a serious neck injury. It functions as a stabilizer to the neck that lessens the chance of further spinal damage.

This is really important because spinal damage can easily lead to paralysis or even death. The brace stabilizes the first seven bones of the spine and it is typically kept until an appropriate medical diagnosis resolved the next step to take.

Another function of an orthopedic neck brace is for recuperating from a serious neck injury or surgery. Stabilizing the spine is important when recovering so that the body can heal itself appropriately. Excessive movements will hinder such healing and that�s the reason why the neck brace keeps the neck steady.

People with certain chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis may also need an orthopedic neck brace especially when walking to prevent migraine headaches. Some neck braces can even help balance temperature extremes by absorbing surplus energy when temperature rises and releasing it again when temperature falls. As a consequence, it can help stop muscle spasms that cause pain and hinder healing.

Moreover, there are a few types of orthopedic neck braces that may be assigned to a patient. The most ordinary ones are hard and soft collars. The former is prescribed for people who have just been on a serious injury while the latter is used for individuals who are already recuperating. Another type is the Philadelpia collar which is used by people who have just undergone cervical spine surgery to promote a healthy recovery. The most rigid type of neck brace is the halo which uses metal rings that are fastened by metal pins. This is given to people that have the most fragile neck conditions that needs complete immobilization.

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