Heart Rate Chart – An Introduction

Routine workouts are among the most effective methods of having a physically fit body and longer life. Increased physical activity helps prevent diseases of the heart such as coronary heart disease. It firms the muscles, improves strength, reduces stress, burn fats and boosts vitality.

Exercises that move the large muscles of the body and increase the heart rate are referred to as cardiovascular workouts, also known as cardio. Jogging, swimming, cycling and dancing are just some examples. Remember that doing short exercises are better than doing none at all.

Heart rate during the course of exercise is given special consideration by people who are intensely passionate about being fit and healthy. Maximum heart rate and target heart rate during workout are two things that exercisers truly care about. When they are at rest, the resting heart rate is more significant.

Heart rate chart is a simple, usually tabular, representation of heart rate data that exercisers may find really useful in their workouts. There are different kinds of heart rate charts. There’s a type of heart rate chart that makes it easier for exercisers to know their maximum heart rate (Max HR) and find the right target heart rate (THR) based on age. Because of heart rate charts, exercisers don’t have to trouble themselves with manual computation of Max HR and THR.

The resting heart rate chart is yet another type of heart rate chart. The heart rate of a person when he is at rest is called resting heart rate (RHR). Early morning is the best time to obtain RHR, just prior to getting out of bed. Experts say that a person’s resting heart rate reflects the overall health of a person’s heart and lungs. A resting heart rate chart is a straightforward chart that lets a person know if his RHR is within the ideal range.

In most cases, a low resting heart rate means that the heart and lungs are healthy. Heart rate charts are in all places of the World Wide Web. But then, it is always more preferred to seek the doctor’s advice before jumping on a certain cardio routine that is based on a heart rate chart. Heart rate charts must be used only as general guidelines because what they show, in general, are just figure averages.

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