Functions Of A Heart Rate Monitor

The type of exercise that makes use of the large muscles of the body is referred to as cardiovascular exercise, or “cardio” for short. To improve fitness, three variables must be controlled accordingly. The three variables being referred to are: frequency, duration and intensity. Frequency refers to how often you exercise, duration pertains to how long you exercise, while intensity refers to how hard you workout.

Nearly all cardio programs depend on intensity. Intensity is described by five heart rate zones, such as : healthy heart zone, fitness zone, aerobic zone, anaerobic zone and red-line zone.

A heart rate monitor is a device with a display screen that shows a person’s heart rate in real time. A heart rate monitor is used by most cardio exercisers so they can alter the intensity of their workouts – accelerating or decelerating, depending on their preferred heart rate zone.

If you simply want to be healthy or feel good about yourself, a few easy workouts (such as brisk walking) per week will do. In these cases, heart rate monitors are not absolutely required because getting the correct frequency and duration of workout is simple enough. However, if your goal is to lose weight effectively or to train for a sporting event, having the right intensity is important. This is when a heart rate monitor becomes very useful.

Owning a heart rate monitor is comparable to having a coach beside you. It helps you reach just the right amount of intensity in workouts. Adults should exercise at moderate intensity (50 percent–70 percent of maximum heart rate) for at least 30 minutes five days a week or at a vigorous intensity (70 percent–85 percent of maximum heart rate) for 20 minutes three days a week, as advised by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Use the formula 220 minus age (220-age) to compute for maximum heart rate (max HR). So, if you’re a twenty-five year old adult, your Max HR is 195 beats per minute.

A heart rate monitor basically tells a person if he is exercising at the right pace and intensity. Therefore, no matter if you’re working out to drop some pounds, build some muscles, build endurance, improve the heart and lungs or just be plain healthy, a heart rate monitor can help you achieve a sexy and healthy body.

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