Brief Guide On The HCG Diet Plan : Phase 1-3

The HCG diet plan is useful for individuals who are interested to try the hcg diet to lose weight.Simply put, the HCG diet is a low calorie diet supplemented by HCG hormone injections that can provide the nourishment while on this diet. Individuals who are following this diet expect to shed considerable pounds because they thrive on a very small amount of food. The hcg diet plan is broken down into three phases. These phases are known as loading, maintenance, and stabilization phase. People on this diet must strictly follow the loading phase for two days, the 21-40 days of maintenance and a 21 day stabilization period.

The Loading Phase- The loading phase is the initial stage where food intake should be a lot to prepare the body. This phase assists the body in storing up food because it would go to a very low calorie diet on the next stage. During the loading phase, people can eat as much as they can. Almost all kinds of fatty food such as fried chicken, steak, beef pies and even chocolate are allowed. Carbohydrate rich food such as bread, pasta and pizza are also recommended in the loading phase. Supposedly, the fat stored would be able to sustain the body in the succeeding phase. Additionally, the HCG diet plan may also resort to force-feeding since the hypothalamus would still continue to burn fat even after the loading phase.

Maintenance Phase -The succeeding phase which follows the loading phase is the maintenance phase. Usually, this period last for three weeks and can extend to 40 days. This is the part where low calorie intake would be implemented by consuming only 500 calories a day.In fact, this very low calorie diet is the main feature of the HCG diet plan.For the entire duration of the maintenance phase, the dieter would hope to see some results such as fat loss in several areas.

Stabilization Phase The final phase which is less restrictive than maintenance phase. The person can resume to his normal diet; however, carbohydrates must be avoided as much as possible. Normally, men can consume 1,000 calories and 800 calories for women on a daily basis.

Indeed, people can expect to see results from the hcg diet plan, such as lose 15kgs in 30 days.

By Health Tips

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