Basic Facts That Answer What is the HCG Diet?

Because there are just too many diet plans around, individuals find it hard to evaluate which really works. People should remember that trying a diet program is not easy as it sounds because human beings have different physical conditions. Individuals have different allergic reactions to food or medications that they take. Additionally, individuals with a chronic condition are very sensitive to new types of diet. The most basic and safe step when going on a diet is to seek the advice of a health professional.

What is the hcg diet method?

The definition of hcg is Human Chrorionic Gonadotropin. Pregnant women produce this hormone in the placenta during the length of the gestation period. Since it is a hormone, it is responsible for controlling different metabolic functions. The hcg hormone is part of the hcg diet method that people must take. However, the ones used in the hcg injections is made from sterile cells in laboratories. It is entirely used for medicinal purposes. The hormone injections are necessary to ward off hunger pangs while the person is on the diet. Typically, the hcg diet is a thirty day program classified into three phases. For at least twenty-one days, the dieter must subsist on a very low caloried diet that is really challenging.

What is the hcg diet protocol?

Basically, the hcg diet was originally created by Dr ATW Simeons through his book Pounds and Inches. The dieter must take lots of water since this facilitates the elimination of ketones and other waste products. The hcg diet protocol also emphasizes the need for protein. The necessity of fruits and vegetables in the diet is good for proper digestion. Dairy products like egg and milk must be avoided as much as possible. Furthermore, the hcg diet protocol does not allow any form of massage at all. Another doctor, Kevin Trudeau, developed a modification of hcg diet. His hcg diet protocol allowed some changes on the plan such as post breakfast snack and taking additional supplements.He also recommends herbal or organic tea such as Yerba Mate.

What is the hcg diet and its side effects?

Certain symptoms such as headaches, mood swings, and dizziness are manifested by the body due to low blood sugar caused by hunger. One of the end result of too much hunger is tension headache. Thus, always seek medical advice before getting into any form of diet program for yoru own safety.

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