Nursing Uniforms

Although nursing has a long history, ir has been properly established during the 19th century. By 19th century, a number of nursing practices came in to the healthcare arena and people started looking at the nursing professional as a true profession. During World War 1 and World War 2, the nursing profession became very prominent in the society and it was an honor to become a nurse in that era.

From the inception of the nursing profession, there was a uniform attached to it as well. First of all, the uniform of nurses looks as same as nun’s habit. There is a good reason for this. Before the emergence of nursing career, it was the nuns who took care of the patients. When the nursing profession was established, it borrowed the design of nun’s habit for the uniform. In addition to that, nursing went hand in hand with religion and adopted the titles as ‘sister’ for the nursing practice.

After the initial emergence of nursing uniforms, then it was time for rapid change. With the time, nun’s habit looking nursing uniforms started changing its way and by 1940, there have been a little bit of change took place in nursing uniforms. After 1940, it was all about the changes. In the US, the nursing uniform went through dramatic changes. The nursing uniforms were adopted by various institutions different ways but belonging to a certain rules and standard set up by the national governance bodies.

The change to the nursing uniforms was embraced by many people with the good heart and some people did not like the change. As an example, more orthodox countries refused to do dramatic changes to the nursing uniforms and try to maintain its appearance at 1940’s level. These uniforms include the under-dress, over-dress, apron, and the cap. Sometimes, they also wear a pin too. These uniforms are still in use in the UK and orthodox 3rd world countries.

In the US, nursing uniforms have gone through many changes. By now, most of the nurses wear scrubs as their uniform. When compared to the traditional uniform, scrub is somewhat easier to wear and maintain. When it comes to an emergency situation, scrubs can be a breeze. But not all the nurses welcome scrubs as their uniform. Some people argue that wearing scrubs does not give the identification the nurses deserve. According to them, people in scrubs could be identified as hospital cleaners or surgeons.

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