Nursing Shoes

No matter what people say, nursing shoes are the most important aspect of a nurse’s attire. But you will hardly understand why, unless otherwise you are a nurse, yourself.

So in this article we try to shed some light in to why nursing shoes are so important, the changes that have taken place in the past decades with regards to nurses attire and shoes and how comfortable nursing shoes can save a whole lot of trouble for both the nurse and her colleagues and employer.

Traditionally, clogs have been used by nurses because they were relatively cheap and had a reputation of providing protection to feet. Later on the clogs became scrubs and nowadays, they remain an important part of a nurse’s attire.

Scrubs have done a pretty good job in providing the well deserved comfort and protection to nursing feet. Nurses are always on the run, they never stand or sit still in one place for more than a few minutes. Therefore, their shoes need to be as good as their feet. Although scrubs are no more called scrubs, it is the same type of footwear that we call nursing shoes, today.

Usually, nursing shoes will have big ventilating holes to provide enough air to the feet. imagine being stuck on a pair of heels until the shift is over? Or imagine how much of a pain it would have been to carry on with two back to back night shifts, in a horrible pair of nursing shoes?

All this and more have been now addressed and done away with the introduction of new nursing shoes. Nurses usually get to have two or three pairs of these shoes so that even when they are on night duty or continuous routine work, sometimes extending up to a day or more in length, so that they can feel fresh.

All in all, the nursing industry as well as the profession has been through a long road. From starting out at nunneries, and adopting part of a nun’s attire and being stuck in uncomfortable shoes to getting in to a more casual, free nursing uniforms and nursing shoes.

Although the latter may not come about as a great achievement of the last century, if you ask a nurse, he or she will be able to express with feelings and emotions, how much these nursing shoes and nursing attire changes mean to them.

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