Leaky Gut Syndrome Allergies: Transitional Diet

From the foreign substances that are usually harmless, an allergy occur form the abnormal reaction of the immune system. Leaky gut syndrome food allergies affects the small percentage of the population and these cause immediate reactions like airway constriction, swelling, rapid drop in blood pressure, and others .

Foods that are causing reactions to leaky gut syndrome food allergies are dairy, oats, soy, eggs, rice, peanuts, shellfish, fish, pork, milk and rye . After three days of exposure to allergen, many people develops delayed reaction to foods that occurs between a few hours that are not mediated by IgE. Because of the delay of the reaction, they are hard to classify and they have the inclination to bring malaise about that can be a little complicated to be addressed to a single item .

Hypersensitivities that are delayed to people associated with leaky gut syndrome food allergies can worsen the damage to intestinal lining . The problem that food allergies bring causes the permeability of the intestines to advance. Those people who have leaky gut syndrome food allergies should take caution to the foods that they eat to minimize the inflammation of your intestinal lining . In some cases, new food allergies occur because your immune system mistakes the molecules of leaked food in the bloodstream as invaders and produces antibodies to fight against it .

It is crucial to find more about leaky gut syndrome food allergies because this condition is usually not recognized by conventional medicine . Once that you have assured that you have this kind of condition, undergo elimination diet and figure out which foods cause reactions and you may want to proceed on a rotation diet to avoid developing new sensitivities . As we grow old, our gut are caused by many factors that includes poor digestion nutritional deficiencies and toxic foods, in the state of leaky gut syndrome food allergies, you need to restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut by taking large doses of probiotics and other supplements and food that will enhance the beneficial bacteria .

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