Healthier Options From The Treatment For Leaky Gut Syndrome

When the composition of the intestine becomes more porous than normal, it permits the toxins from the system through our stool to enter our bodies. This intestinal permeability gives off side effects like cramping, constipation, diarrhea, gas, mood swings and shortness of breath . And from this, certain treatments for leaky gut syndrome are available .

If you feel that you have this certain type of condition, changes in your diet plan would help. This has been one of the good ways to cope with intestinal permeability . By getting a lot of fiber from vegetables, fruits and whole grains you eat each day, you’re gearing ahead to have a healthy intestinal flora and maintaining the intestinal lining . This condition worsens if you do not put limitations over the intake of caffeine and alcohol as they have been contributing largely on this type of condition.

The application of probiotics or friendly bacteria to eliminate excess Candida is helpful as one of the treatment for leaky gut syndrome . These probiotics are friendly bacteria that can replenish the body’s natural bacteria which are eroded by Candida overgrowth .

Though at times, Physicians may prescribe certain anti-fungal drugs for people with excess Candida and for this diagnosis as an alternative for other types of treatment for leaky gut syndrome . There are anti-fungal medications that can kill excess Candida albicans .

Colon cleanses can also be classified among the treatment for leaky gut syndrome . The cleaning of their colon can be assisted with colon cleansing kits or colonic irrigation. Usually, the cleansing solution used for this is made up in the form of powder or liquid form . The irrigation of the colon procedure is done with flushing the colon with ozonated water . Vitamin A and Zinc aids in the treatment for leaky gut syndrome . They are two key nutrients in the therapy of this disease since both substances can lead to a healthier gastrointestinal tract . You can also make an increase to the intake of the amino acid glutamine to increase the health of the cells within your intestines and decrease the level of permeability as part of the treatment for leaky gut syndrome .

Herbs help in counteracting the cellular damage of your intestines and in bringing the positive effect on your intestine lining . To end up with the best treatment, it is still best to make a proper consultation with regards to the condition.

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