Getting Enough Sunlight―Benefits of Vitamin D

There are many advantages of vitamin D. It is one of those interesting nutrients because it comes from various sources that other people just take for granted. Since it plays an important role in one's health, it is imperative to supply our bodies with this nutrient. The most important benefit of vitamin D is to aid the body in breaking down calcium for body absorption.

Those who constantly take vitamin d supplements or foods sources are less likely to suffer from the illnesses like osteoporosis and arthritis because this nutrient influences the development of the bones and joints. There are also studies that show that one of the vitamin D benefit is it prevents colon and colorectal cancers.

There many other benefits of vitamin D aside from preventing cancer and strengthening the bones but it can also improve one's insulin secretion plus lowers risks of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, there are even scientist who think that intake of vitamin D may aid in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

One of the sources of Vitamin D is sunshine. The sun's ultraviolet rays help in synthesizing the Vitamin D in a person's body. Sunshine gives benefits of vitamin D to our body because it can also give one’s body a nice tan while being exposed to it.

There are other ways of getting Vitamin D, for one, certain foods including dairy products fortified with Vitamin D including butter and margarine. The pure and unrefined cod liver oil is rich in Vitamin D. You may also find various supplements that contain vitamin D and are available in drugstores or supermarket.

Vitamin D3 supplements are also on hand for consumption in order for you to meet the required daily intake of 1000 to 2000 IU that was recommended by experts. This is a great alternative source of Vitamin D for those who cannot stay out to get 15 minutes of sun exposure or who lives far off north.

Vitamin D is important in ones daily nutritional need. It is important to have gainful knowledge on the benefits of vitamin d so that one can realize its significance in our health and daily lives.

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