The Way To Treat Your Colon Cancer

For the benefit of the patients who wants to have and early therapy decision as soon as possible, different treatments for colon cancer have been classified correspondingly

There are three standard treatments which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy

The most common care is surgery colon cancer treatment . A Doctor will use Colonoscope procedure,(a thin tube-like instrument with a light and lens for viewing), it will not require the cutting of abdominal wall, instead, a tube is inserted into the rectum up to the colon and cut the cancer out, if the cancer has been found out at its early stage.

Resection of the primary tumor is still offered in order to reduce morbidity caused by tumor bleeding in case of multiple metastases (spread of cancer) .

Chemotherapy colon cancer treatment is one way to help kill the cancer cells . It is applied to reduce the tumor size, delay tumor growth and decrease the likelihood of metastasis development. It is regularly implemented after surgery, before surgery, and has been the options for many as primary treatment .

For patients who have received after surgery chemotherapy colon cancer treatment, they usually survived longer and go for extended periods of time without recurrence of colon cancer than patients who undergone the surgery alone .

Colon cancer treatment of this type use anti-cancer drug to kill cancer cells . It can be taken by mouth, or by inserting a needle into a vein or a muscle of the body . There is also a systemic type of chemotherapy where the drugs enter the bloodstream and kill cancer cells throughout the body .

Radiation therapy is the type of colon cancer treatment that is rarely used because of its complication to identify specific areas of the colon. This is applied to cure colon cancer pain as it targets metastatic tumor deposits and treat pain .

Being diagnosed with cancer results a huge change from the person's psychological being . With these therapies, support resources can be accessed from hospitals and other agencies that offer counseling and cancer support groups that will help the patient cope with his medical state to other part of his life .

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