How to Prevent Colon Cancer?

From the large rate of mortality emerging from colon cancer disease, people have to pay attention of the preventive measure that would less likely cause a colon cancer.

In order for us to get ahead with the colon cancer, it is advisable to know some of the colon cancer prevention to give us the idea what to do in the right time .

One of the most basic part of colon cancer prevention is screening. You may decrease the probability of progressing into colon cancer by undergoing colonoscopy procedure if you think that you already have the signs of having polyps.

Screening test from colon cancer prevention consists Fecal Occult Blood Test, where stool samples are checked for signs of cancer and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy much more like the same for colonoscopy only that the viewing tube is shorter so the Doctor to only look at the last part of the colon .

There is also this Computed Tomographic Colonography as part of the colon cancer prevention, in which it makes a detailed picture of the colon to make the Doctor look for polyps .

With this diagnostic procedures, colon cancer prevention needs you to have self-discipline and help in your part. Smoking cessation, keeping an active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy diet contributes to your health and decrease the occurence of other risk factors .

If you are having trouble over having the proper diet, a suggestion includes having five servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains a day or fiber, calcium and folic acid .

Decrease the intake of red meat, saturated fat and alcohol as much as possible . Include exercise in your daily routine for at least half an hour and reduce radiation exposure, this is also a part of the cause of developing colon cancer .

The concern for colon cancer disease made the society vulnerable, that it helped them research on introducing a vaccine that is designed to ramp up the immune system to recognize abnormalities and initiate attack .

Along with the awareness over this colon cancer prevention and precautions, setting up an appointment to your Doctor is still the best way to identify the colon cancer probability for you and your family.

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