Coping with Skin Picking

Another name for Compulsive Skin Picking is Dermatillomania. It is a form of self-mutilation described by habitual behavior of damaging one’s own skin. Scratching, picking and squeezing characterize these behaviors. Depression, anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder is related to this disorder.

Living with this disorder is very sad and at the same time difficult. A lot of people find it disturbing as well as embarrassing that is why it isn’t often addressed but statistics show that this may affect a lot of people. Skin-picking support can be found in a lot of places, even in websites.

Online skin-picking support group is there to address not only CSP but also other disorders that cause this. Going to these websites will help you share your personal experiences, evaluate your condition and get support during times of need, illness and treatment. The support group is crucial during the stages of recovery of a patient from his or her mental health condition.

You can also get advice from forums in a skin picking support websites. Ask questions to fellows who also suffered and recovered from dermatillomania. It is suggested that to combat the causes of CSP, such as stress, anxiety and depression, it is better to take medications and cognitive intervention. A good support group will not leave the sufferer feeling alone and uneasy. One does not need to go through this alone; there are counselors and friends who would be there for support. Another viable option is to go online and connect with anonymous people by sharing experiences and asking inquiries.

Since compulsive skin picking can cause both physical and psychological complications, you must at least tell someone from your family or friends about your condition so that they can guide you along the way. There are also professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologist who offer their services online, sometimes it’s even free, at no cost.

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