Child Care: Skin Picking in Children

Dematillomania or compulsive skin picking in children is spontaneous but habitual picking of skin to the point of causing damage. Though dermatillomania is considered to be ways that generalize anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, they are rarely manifested in children. The typical cause of skin picking in children is their inability to express what they feel or what they want to do.

Children who habitually keep their feeling and thoughts about certain events and happenings in their lives have a hard time communicating messages. It is supposed that these kids internalize the message and act it out in their minds, which is probably self-defeating. It is almost impossible to get the child to relay what he or she feels and why the desire to pick, but once skin picking in children is already detected, then there are certain steps that one should take when dealing with children suffering from CSP.

The first thing to check is if the child’s fingernails are trimmed. Trimming children’s nails will help prevent skin picking and can cause less damage to the skin. Second, make sure that the nails are also cleaned. This may be a very difficult task but it is important to stop infection on the spots that the child picks.

One can also purchase sets of gloves or mittens and even stress balls for children. This would empower them since they are already involve in choosing materials that would help them treat compulsive skin picking.

It is of utmost importance that parents and guardians prevent their child to experience stress and anxiety. Calling out their skin picking habit all the time may head to unwarranted anxiety. Nagging has always caused more trouble like anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand, if it increases it can lead to severe skin picking.

For physical treatment of skin picking in children, there are oral or topical medications available. Just make sure that the drugs are formulated for children. It is better to consult a professional if you plan to do a psychological treatment, so that they can provide the best mental outlook of the child.

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