Things You Need to Know About Swab Drug Test

It is more common and popular these days to use saliva swab drug test as a method to check drug use. It has more or less replaced urine and blood drug tests in a number of cases. Swab drug test is a test that collects saliva as the sample. In this kind of test, swabs are typically used for collecting samples. Facilitation of a swab drug test is simple, it is often used to check immediately if a person is under the influence of drugs.

Swab drug test is being utilized more because they think this is less invasive for it does not require needles to be injected in the body. In addition, the possibility of infection is minimal. Not only that, it also does not require urinating on a cup with a witness just to check the urine sample is not being altered. This kind of situation is very uncomfortable to both parties.

In November 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first saliva swab drug testing kit. Employers, police officers and some law enforcement agents have been using the kit to see if the subject is under the influence or is using prohibited drugs.

Research and clinical tests proved that drug concentration of saliva is indicative of the blood drug concentration.

At any given time or place, a swab drug test can be administered immediately. This is a very easy procedure, all you need is a swab provided in the kit. For a couple of minutes, the swab must be placed between your gums and lower cheeks. As soon as the pad absorbs enough saliva and it becomes wet, be sure to place it on a vial to avoid contamination. Submit the vial at the laboratory for drug test. The test can detect the presence of drugs.

Many swab drug testing kits are available. Law enforcement use a professional kit while parents typically buy home kits to check if their children is doing drugs. These are very effective in checking if there is drug usage within the last 24 hours.

Both parties, the examinee and the examiner will avoid a lot of discomfort by using a swab drug test. This test is virtually free of infection risks and it can be tested to both genders with quick and precise results, that is why it is gaining popularity these days.

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