Health: Cocaine Drug Test

Most people are addicted to cocaine, it is one of the most popular prohibited drugs and they abuse it for recreation. This is why a lot of employers ask applicants to take a cocaine drug test as part of their pre-employment requirements. Employers prefer to keep drugs away from their workplace by performing cocaine drug test. As long as the job offer has been made the test may be ordered before the employee begins working for the company. The employment offer is inevitably terminated if the employee fails to pass the test.

There are different types of cocaine drug tests. One way to determine if there is drug abuse is through blood test, it may be very expensive but it is the most accurate. Blood samples are taken to detect the presence of cocaine. It is the most invasive form of testing and must be conducted inside a laboratory. Then there is a hair sample test, it involves taking a sample of hair from the person being tested and it can reveal if the person used cocaine up to 90 days. Saliva swab test is a form of non-invasive testing for cocaine. It is easy to administer and coke can be detected in saliva for 24 hours after use. Some drug tests like the urine test can be very uncomfortable and intrusive but at least it can be done in the comforts of your home. A substance like cocaine can be retained in the urine up to 3 days.

Several factors allow the examiners to find out whether there is a presence of cocaine these cocaine drug tests. The quantity of the cocaine consumed primarily help in detecting it. Age of the examinee and the frequency in which he or she consumed cocaine is also a factor. The rate of metabolism and body mass, plus the tolerance level for the drug is dependent on the examinee.

It is worth it to stop using prohibited drugs because cocaine is responsible for the negative consequences in someone’s life. Addiction to this substance is most likely to happen to habitual coke users. If you have a relative, a friend or a family member battling cocaine addiction, try enrolling to a rehab and learn more about it on directories for help.

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