Information on Gas Permeable Contact Lens

The other term for a gas permeable contact lens is rigid gas permeable contact (RGP) or oxygen permeable contact lens. It is the counterpart of the soft contact lens. RGPs were introduced in the early 70s by way of silicone rather than polymers. The eyes need a lot of oxygen flow to the cornea, that is why gas permeable contacts is apt than the polycarbon kind. On the other hand silicone is oxygen permeable, which will result to a greater comfort and eye health.

Gas permeable contact lens takes time to adjust to as compared to soft contact lens. If you review it properly, its benefits compensate for its detriments. A gas permeable contact lens’ initial benefit is retains its shape whenever a person blinks. It tends to provide a crisper vision over soft contact lens. The only time they usually break is when people step over them, while soft contact lens can tear easily. Another benefit of gas permeable contact lens is they are made of materials that don’t contain water so proteins and lipids from the tears do not stick to the contact lens. The chances of having eye irritations, infections are very low as compared to the soft contact lens. Another excellent benefit of using a gas permeable contact lens is that it permits oxygen to go through the cornea. This prevents acute eye complications like inflammation of the cornea.

Most people prefer using gas permeable contact lenses even if they have different problems. These people commonly suffer from astigmatism, presbyopia, or keratoconus. People with astigmatism prefer them because it conforms to their desired visual acuity. Those afflicted with presbyopia on the other hand prefer them for their numerous and multi-focal designs. On the other hand, people with keratoconus use these lenses because it prevents extreme visual distortion. Since people with dry eyes blink less, a gas permeable contact lens is recommended. This is exactly the basis of people who often use the computer to use gas permeable contact lens.

Since they last longer than soft contact lens, gas permeable contact lens needs to be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Just a final note, you need to go to an eye care specialist first before even buying a contact lens.

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