Importance of a Contact Lens Remover

A contact lens remover is a must have for everyone who uses hard and gas permeable contact lenses. There are times that it becomes occasionally difficult to take out with the normal “popping out” method. Hard contact lenses tends to stick to the eye firmly by suction to the cornea. A contact lens remover will help a lot in this situations. If a person often lose and asks for new prescription for a contact lens, optometrist or ophthalmologist recommends buying a contact lens remover.

Knowing how to use a contact lens remover properly helps you to take out your hard contact lens easily and safely. You should double check if you are wearing a contact lens before attempting to remove them. Most people who make assumptions that they are still wearing a contact lens even if they’re not, often hurt their eyes by poking it with a contact lens remover. Check by looking in a mirror and observe if the lenses are in your eyes.

Once you are sure that you are wearing a contact lens, apply a few drops of rewetting solution to both eyes for lubrication. Moisten the suction cup of the contact lens remover with a drop of rewetting solution.

The next part is very tricky, but once you get the hang of it, every thing would be copasetic. Place the contact lens directly and exactly in front of the contact lens. At this point the lens will stick to the plunger. Pull the plunger gently away from the eye. The lens will be released easily then do the same steps for the other contact lens.

Always remember to avoid putting the contact lens remover directly on the surface of the eye as this could cause corneal abrasion and other eye injuries. Another thing, contact lens remover is not applicable to soft lenses. Add a few more drops to lubricate the lenses if you are still having a hard time removing them.

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