Tummy Ache in Children (Causes and Symptoms)

As a parent it is challenging to find out what causes those frustrating tummy aches. At times the pain require some common sense but there are other times when it can be an emergency. The causes of stomach pains in children can be related to food, insect bites, infections, and a lot more. But would you know whether to decide the complaint needs emergency care or not? Know the causes and symptoms of stomach pains to help you with your evaluation.

Causes of Abdominal Pain in Children

Infections by viruses or bacteria that can cause stomach flu or gut flu. Viral infection can quickly go away for 3-4 days as long as treated properly while bacterial infection can take a week or more treated with antibiotics.

Food-related issues like food allergies, food poisoning, excessive food consumption, or gas production can cause temporary discomfort and bloating.

Poisoning can range from simple problems like eating soap, to more serious issues such as overdose in medication.

Surgical problems include appendicitis and blockage of bowels.

Medical causes vary. Things outside the abdomen can affect and cause abdominal pain in children from complications like diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Abdominal Pain

Duration. Keep in mind that most simple causes of abdominal pain do not last too long. See the doctor if there are abdominal pains that continues more than 24 hours.

Pain Location. When your child rubs at the center of his/her abdomen, it usually signals a simple stomachache. Pains felt in other locations may be concerning. This is particularly true if the pain is located low and down the right side of the abdomen. Pain in that area is believed to be appendicitis until proven otherwise.

Appearance of the child. Key things to search for during tummy ache include sweating, sleepiness or listless, or pale appearance. It is worrisome when a child can’t be distracted from the pain with play and refuses to drink or eat for several hours.

Vomiting, Fever, Urinary Problems and Rash can also be a sign of stomach pain.
Parents or caregivers can usually notice the signs if a child is suffering from stomach pain. However, young children and teenagers can be shy and reluctant to report pain. You may try to ask the symptoms given above to determine whether your children need to seek special attention.

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