Improve Your Driving Ability with Brain Training

One of the first signs we notice as we get older is in our driving skills. Our reflexes don't seem to be as good as they used to be, and we may begin having trouble seeing at night. We may actually begin avoiding driving at night because we don't see as well as we should and feel there is nothing we can do about these changes.

You'll be happy to know that there is brain training games on the market to help you improve your driving skills, whether you're elderly or a new driver trying to improve your driving. These specialized brain training games are designed to help improve your cognitive performance, attention, focus and reaction time. These are all qualities that can definitely improve your driving ability. So, how do this driving program work and help with your brain functions?

One of the programs is a program developed by a brain health company and only requires minutes of use three times per week to be effective. Even drivers that already consider themselves good drivers have noticed improvements in their driving. Using this game for that much time is said to provide the following benefits:

• Improve your peripheral vision by increasing your field of view by 200 percent
• Giving you more confidence for driving in heavy traffic or in the dark
• Increasing your reaction time
• Decreasing your chance of risk of accident by 50 percent or more

One game that has proven quite successful has hidden jewels all over your computer screen. You have to try to drive around them as they increase in intensity, your screen gets darker and more cars come on the scene. You have to try to avoid the hidden jewels while maneuvering your vehicle on the darkened screen. This game, when practiced regularly, is great for improving your concentration and ability to drive and see in the dark.

Another popular brain training game for driving has you driving a car on your computer screen. Traffic signs appear and suddenly disappear. Within seconds, you're expected to drive your car according to what you remember the traffic sign telling you. You also have to remember which traffic sign was at what location. This brain training game does a lot for your memory and cognitive skills.

The great part about both these games is that they not only can help train and stimulate your brain, but they'll also provide you with so much fun, you'll have no trouble using them the recommended amount of time!

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