Brain Training with Your iPhone or iPod

Anyone that's familiar with Apple's iPhone or iPod are also of the belief that there's very little they can't do. Almost any application you can think of, you can get from the iTunes App Store.

One of the latest topics of conversation is THINK, the mobile brain trainer that has everyone all excited. THINK will provide users with four categories, consisting of 16 training units, each designed to enhance and stimulate your mental abilities. The main purpose of the THINK is to boost the activity level of your brain, which is what brain training is all about.

The different disciplines or categories in THINK may be comprehension, math, memory or logic. Regardless of which area users choose to use, it's important for users to practice on a daily basis. To make this even more fun and encourage users returning each day, THINK has gives you statistics of your success so you can monitor your progress.

It's a well-believed fact that regular mental exercise is the best way to increase your brainpower and improve your memory. After all, isn't repetition and practice how we learned things when we were young? This is the principle and understanding on which THINK was created.

One thing that makes THINK so interesting and fun is that it offers users a variety of challenging subjects and tasks, each working to improve the player's creativity, imagination and concentration. Mental Math is one of the disciplines in THINK. In Mental Math, players are trying to beat their own scores while Results or Zero-sums have players racing against the clock trying to sort numbers and operators.

They're fun, they're stimulating and they're a great form of brain training. Leave it to Apple and Steve Jobs to develop another best selling product that's actually good for our mental health.

Other games in THINK include Marble run, Color Sudoku and even a fun game called Alphabet Soup. THINK helps players stimulate their mind, and methodically test their logic skills and memories. There is a wide variety of game options on THINK and most can be played with a group or on your own.

You'll definitely get your brain going with THINK. Even if you don't have a lot of time to spare, you can still find a few minutes for THINK because they offer a "fast play" modes for times when you're in a hurry and don't have time for a long game. After all, it only takes a few minutes to give your brain some important brain training, especially with THINK.

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