What Is Stress Anxiety Depression

There are many reasons why people suffer from stress anxiety depression. Many experts came up with the conclusion that genetics could play major role a person’s episodes with stress anxiety depression – this means that if anyone in the family shows stress anxiety symptoms of depression as caused by anxiety and stress then there is a large possibility you may experience it as well.

Aside from genetics, another reason for stress anxiety depression is your brain chemistry. Scientists have proven that abnormal levels of certain chemicals and compounds in the brain could lead to stress anxiety depression – these chemicals can affect your brain’s neurotransmitters. As some of us may already know, our brain’s neurotransmitters act as messengers from one cell to another in order to pass information and if these chemicals interfere with these functions then abnormalities like frequent stress anxiety depression could occur.

Lastly, another important factor on the development of stress anxiety depression are various environmental factors such as trauma and abuse – this are often observed from victims who have tried so hard to forget their experiences but at the same time their brains created episodes of depression that becomes worse when coupled with stress. In connection to that, stress anxiety depression is also very common in people who are suffering withdrawal from their addiction; it is likely that they manifest signs like the classic signs of not wanting to be with anyone and showing anti-social behaviors.

What people with stress anxiety depression often do

Many of those who experiences stress anxiety depression admitted that they are really in a state where depression, anxiety and stress are making them function less effectively, yet they are equally unaware what to do towards these feelings – others would even resort to addiction in either alcohol or in drugs to alleviate the recurring thoughts. All of us know that alcohol and some drugs could perhaps fix the symptoms but they are definitely not the solution to stress anxiety depression - it should be your top priority to seek immediate medical attention.

Doctors would recommend some prescription drugs to those with stress anxiety depression, but you should be extra careful while taking them for there are reported side effects that comes with this like lack of decrease sexual function and even appetite, others tend to be addictive when not taken cautiously while other have the ability to cause more anxiety than curing it. Because of these things, always make it a point to seek medical attention when dealing with these stress anxiety depression and never try to self medicate for they might cause more troubles than help.

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