Common Stress Anxiety Symptoms

Stress and anxiety are controllable conditions, and the key towards proper stress anxiety management is to appropriately identify the common and clear stress anxiety symptoms – once you recognize them then you can easily seek attention from professionals so that coping with stress anxiety is easier done.

Be Deficient of Energy

The lack of energy a classic stress anxiety symptom; there are times when we simply can not get ourselves working no matter how much we wish to. This lack of energy results to a person’s lack of motivation but it also goes the opposite way when a person who is not motivated would cause the lack of energy. In close connection with the lack of energy as a stress anxiety symptom is the constant feeling of exhaustion, this kind of exhaustion is a bit different from the physical form – the exhaustion caused by stress is often difficult to identify. When you are depressed you tend to be so done and worn out even with no reason at all, and the tendency is often the lack of actions or motivation as well.

Abnormal Sleeping Patterns

Most of us have a sleeping pattern that we follow, say 6 -8 straight hours a day or more; but when you are stressed, depressed and anxious, you will notice changes in your usual sleeping routines. A familiar stress anxiety symptom is having disrupted sleeping patterns, either you get too much sleep or too little sleeps with casual breaks when you wake up in the middle of the night and found it hard to sleep back. Moreover, in the advance stage of depression a stress anxiety symptom would include occasional nightmares perhaps of the same kinds – the reason would be that when you are too stressed your brain is overworking and sometimes it continues to work even when asleep.


Lastly, being irritable is almost synonymous to stress; most of us can attest to this, there are times when we cannot control our anger if we are stressed or depressed. Being a typical stress anxiety symptom, when one is stressed the person’s level of patience and tolerance is very low to the point that even slight things will cause that person mad and do some spiteful behaviors.

Lack of Appetite

One of the most palpable effects of stress is the person’s loss of appetite. During an episode of anxiety it is quite common to see people just staying up whole day inside their rooms, this could be that their exhaustion is draining them of their energy to eat or perhaps they are reacting to stress so bad that their body release hormones that are responsible for utilizing food and transforming them into energy (hence there is no need for them to eat).

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