Types of Stress Anxiety (Children)

The types of stress anxiety (children) are classified according to the degree that it has already affected children in their normal daily activities – and these should be measured based from the child’s age and the level of development they are in. The following are some of the most well know and studied types of stress anxiety (children).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

If one experiences generalized anxiety disorder, the child feels excessive apprehension and worry about what might happen in the future – this could last for a couple of days until months when not given proper medication could develop into a more serious type of medical condition. The child who has this disorder will have episodes of blank mind, the inability to perform functions well and excessive irritability. Stress anxiety (children) can cause significant level of distress to children and usually they end up developing further complications especially when the parents fail to categorized the problem and give attention to it.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive behavior is a classic sign for stress anxiety (children). This disorder brings in unwanted thoughts and behaviors to the child that often result to repetitive actions and routines. During attacks of these disorder brought by stress anxiety (children), there are times that the attack could last up to a day and it comes with impairment of normal body functions and routines. The most type of OC disorders are those that concerns about cleanliness and contaminations which could at times, further develop into murderous intent or some disturbing metaphors and other kinds of emotional stress.

Panic Disorders

Panic disorder is one of the most primitive of all reactions towards fear and danger – and it is no wonder that over the course of evolution, excessive response towards it and may other forms of stressor have turned into stress anxiety (children) signs. Panic disorders is the unwanted recurring of episodes of panic attacks and during episodes of this attack, the child has physical manifestations like abnormally fats heartbeats, too much shaking and trembling, shortness of breath that leads to choking among others.

Stress anxiety (children) can manifest itself in many ways in children because they are not fully aware of their situation - it is likely that since they cannot control it, then they tend to react to these attacks and other forms of stress in a much unrestrained fashion resulting perhaps to multiple complications both physically and psychologically. As parents, it is our responsibility, not only to understand them but to offer the best medications and the needed therapy to lessen the effects of their conditions.

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