Symptoms and Complications of Stress Anxiety Insomnia

As the name suggests, stress anxiety insomnia is caused by some emotional or psychological problems like depressions, acute stress, and other behavioral-related disorders. Aside from these, other forms of insomnia are caused by other medical conditions like sleep apnea that can give you much uneasiness; still others are caused by drugs like caffeine, some depressants and by alcohol as well.

Symptoms of stress anxiety insomnia

The symptoms of stress anxiety insomnia can be different from person to person, and it is quite different as well when we talk about stress anxiety children’s signs and symptoms. Recurrently, people with insomnia have difficulty sleeping at night and their usual sleeping patterns change. Many may have noticed that their 8 hours of sleep suddenly reduced to 5 hours and as they woke up in the morning, they feel tired instead of being energized.

Other kind of stress anxiety insomnia occurs when going to sleep is not at all difficult but once the person wakes up early, going back to sleep becomes such as trouble. This type of insomnia is more common to elderly but often manifest in persons suffering from stress anxiety insomnia. If you experience these problems with other together with frequent short sleep as result from some health conditions or problems, then they your stress anxiety insomnia is likely to develop into a chronic sleeping disorder with grave consequences like serious health problems.

Complications of stress anxiety insomnia

The most observable side effects of stress anxiety insomnia are frequent headaches – you wake up weaker than the previous day accompanied by a painful headache and in the areas around the eyes as well. Moreover, the lack of sleep will also cause mood swings and often you find yourself angry over things that you do not usually get disappointed at. Prolonged stress anxiety insomnia is found out to have caused heart complications to many people as well, but can be prevented if classified and treated earlier.

Accidents are very common when you lack sleep coupled with impaired mental functions. There are many studies that have divulged that many accidents are caused by fatigue by their operators due to stress anxiety insomnia. The lack of sleep because of stress anxiety insomnia can affect a person’s concentration and that person’s ability to execute his/her tasks very well, therefore it often ends up in grave accidents. According to the medical community and as approved by many psychologists, stress anxiety insomnia harms the brain’s ability to process and transmit information making it less alert, difficulty in memorizing details and overall decrease in mental acuity.

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