Moles, Warts and Skin Tags: An Introduction

In general, moles, warts and skin tags are infections attached to the skin that are usually caused by viruses that has the capability to produce lumps on different parts of the body or even on the soles of your feet.

To differentiate, there are different reasons and characteristics that each skin infection posses. Skin tags can be characterized as bumpy or irregular and can have a fleshy color while other features tend to become pigmented depending on the part of the skin. Moles are harmless dark pigmentation on the skin while warts are granular protrusions that overlap over the other.

These main characteristics help you determine the difference between one infection from the other. By knowing these facts, you can easily know how to manage or treat each skin manifestation in an individual manner.

A broader view

Moles – dark spots found on the human integumentary system that peeks out naturally which can be caused by too much sedimentation of melanocytes in one part of your skin and tends to produce pigmentation which results to your mole. Moles, in majority, can become benign but is not necessarily considered to be cancerous although there are occurrences that moles can lead to melanomas which are known as a skin cancer. When this happens, the melanoma must be immediately removed.

Moles vary in size and shape which can be flat, raised or even smooth and some can show hair growth. Moles don’t have the tendency to hurt or itch when touched and they are typically harmless although, because of the possibility that some moles can develop in melanomas, as soon as one feels that the mole produces signs of infection, he must consult a doctor at once.

Warts – rough, small tumors, warts usually appear on the feet and hands. Because of the viral infection that is known as Human Papilloma Virus or HPV, warts is considered to be contagious by contact of an infected person by the use of personal things like shirts or towels. A wart is not considered to be dangerous and has the tendency to disappear in a couple of months.

Because warts can be transmitted from person to person contact, infection is probable. If one is sexually active and he or she has warts on the genitals, the person is a candidate for genital wart infection and should be treated immediately.

Skin tags – benign, harmless, and small tumors that appear on parts of skin surfaces like armpits, groin and eyelids, skin tags can range from grain size to sizes of golf balls. Skin tags are due to bunches of blood vessels and collagen encapsulated inside a thick piece of human skin. For this reason, skin tags should cause no alarm although some find it quite unattractive and may cause bleeding when rubbed by clothing or irritation occurs. One can get rid of skin tags through medical interventions like burning or cutting it.

Some of the causes of skin tags are particular drugs and pills like steroids which are effective in bodybuilding, hormones and injection of insulin.

In order to manage moles, warts and skin tags, one must seek proper treatment to skin specialist in order to advise you on the right intervention. One must also change lifestyle and diet because some skin infections are due to a deficiency in potassium intake, vitamins and minerals.

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