What is N-LITE Laser Acne Treatment

Talked about as the many major development in acne treatment in decades, N-lite laser is a most recent acne treatment.

The NLite Laser system utilizes laser power to relax acne pimples. N-lite is a laser utilizing yellow light to kill the microorganisms that leads to acne. Within this microorganisms is a compound known as porphorine which is photosensitive. When activated by either yellow or blue light, it generates a chemical response releasing oxygen which will kill the bacterias.

In past times, blue light has been applied to cure acne with a few success. However this doesn’t enter the skin area very far leaving behind some bacteria untouched, so the final results are short term. The N-Lite power also encourages the human body's restoration mechanisms, which assists to reduce any skin damage from acne.

Yellow-colored light penetrates the skin area much more deeply, killing all of the bacteria, with much long-term results.

The Laser power penetrates directly into the much deeper levels of the skin supporting to kill microorganisms deep within the skin area. The treatment method is quick - most therapy periods take thirty minutes. Some individuals need just one treatment and can see prolonged enhancement over the following three to six months.

A newly released clinical research confirmed that from just one N-lite treatment, which requires 15 minutes, the number of acne skin lesions was decreased by more than 50 % in two weeks and continued decreasing for up to 3 months after therapy.

The treatment is basically pain-free compared to other top acne products. However therapy utilizing the NLite-V Laser isn't okay for all people.

N-Lite laser treatment can be costly, although charges vary based on the amount of treatments and skin area engaged. And based on the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), insurance plan may not insure this type of laser therapy for acne because it's still regarded as experimental.

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