The Real Aims Of Hot Thai Massage Video

What lessons are there to learn from a hot Thai massage video which a conventional Thai massage school can't offer to teach? The word 'hot' is a literal translation of sexy and sensual the way it is used in Thai massage. A very popular mode of instruction in this age is by use of video. There are other purposes for a hot Thai massage video; it is definitely not intended as instructional material for students of Thai massage.

To allow freedom of movement, traditional Thai massage is usually undertaken with both the recipient and practitioner fully but loosely clothed. An overview of the hot Thai massage video over the internet would show that most are naked. Masseuses (the practitioners are frequently females) are either naked or donning skimpy garments in order to use sensitive parts of the body in massaging the recipient. Traditionally, Thai massage uses nothing like soap or oil. In hot Thai massage, the masseuses use water and other media to heighten the sensual arousal of physical desires.

Thai massage video is ideally a learning material that intends to teach audience on techniques to attain physical, mental and spiritual goals. It should be able to teach the basic techniques in at least five fundamental positions. It should be able to suggest most effective techniques that can help the giver assist the receiver to attain the greater goals of Thai massage.

The extreme sexuality of the hot Thai massage which was originally developed through spiritual approaches by the Buddhist monks remains baffling for many. One can't help but ask how can such pornography promote clearness of mind, cleanness of spirit or spiritual enlightenment? If the traditional goals of Thai massage are compromised, how can the entire process be regarded as Thai massage? There is no other word for it but pornography.

Hot Thai massage video is not an educational material that real practitioners want or need to learn. There are other decent educational materials that one can use from the internet. Just do not dare use the term 'hot' when looking for a video.

By Health Tips

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