Getting The Better Of What Is Sleep Apnea

"No breath" can be translated as apnea in plain literal meaning that sounds so sinister as it forebodes nightly gasping and snoring. Ironically, the afflicted one is barely aware as it happens again and again through the night. One learns from family members of the snoring, the gasping and rasping sounds one produces and wakes up catching some shortness of breath. What is sleep apnea and how does it affect a person?

Despite being a common sleep disorder, many are still puzzled as to what is sleep apnea. Is there a valid reason to worry about it? Is the shallow snoring implying the undertone of some hidden health problem? Sleep deprivation is among the first symptoms that needs attention. Sleep deprivation has many chronic effects particularly in the short-term memory functions as well as cognitive and learning capacities. It also comes with over fatigue everyday. All these can contribute to poor school and work performances and increased risks for accidents.

Sleep apnea is a chronic sleep disorder in which a person repeatedly stops breathing for at least 10 seconds or longer, and may occur hundreds of times during a night. Being unaware of the entire occurrences, they know nothing about it. The process takes several steps such as: the dropping of the oxygen level in the blood, the increase in heart rate, the release of stress hormones, the interruption of sleep, and the awakening of the body awakens then going back to light sleep this next time.

What is sleep apnea and how is diagnosis done? The major diagnostic method of sleep apnea is called polysomnogram which is an overnight study. Aside from the nocturnal symptoms, there are other symptoms like irritability, poor attention, mood changes and depression, headaches, dryness of mouth and throat, fatigue and daytime sleepiness. Frequently, the cause is the obstruction of the upper airway. This sleep disorder can be caused or lead to serious health conditions. These can take the forms of high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, and memory problems among others.

Knowing what is sleep apnea can prompt people into action to have the risks attended to while still manageable. It pays to be cognizant of its nature since having knowledge can lead to its cure.

By Daily Health Tips

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