Why Dieters Should Look Into Calories In Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice can give you many health advantages. This is the reason why experts recommend that individuals should consume up to two glasses of this fruit juice daily to prevent the occurrence of several diseases. For individuals who are watching closely what they eat and drink, they are particular whether drinking this juice can affect their weight. The good news is, calories in cranberry juice are acceptable even to dieters. However, dieters should know that the calories in this fruit juice tend to go high if artificial sweeteners are added.

Health experts commend unsweetened cranberry juice because a cup of this only contains 116 calories; while one cup of bottled cranberry juice cocktail has 137 calories. Other varieties of cranberry juice are also available, but they should not be chosen because they have high caloric content;these are cranberry-grape juice, cranberry-apple juice and cranberry juice and vitamin C. The disparity in the caloric content means that you should choose the juice wisely so that your diet will not be affected. If you are following a weight loss diet plan, you should be aware of calories in cranberry juice because this is very important. If you believe that too much calories can defeat your purpose of reducing your weight, you should not drink cranberry juice too often.

But, calories in cranberry juice should not be your only concern. Aside from that, you have to know the nutrients that it can offer you and these include vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. This just shows that you can reap many advantages if you include cranberry juice in your daily diet. The low caloric content and many nutrients of this juice makes it an attractive option for dieters.

Hence, drinking cranberry juice means that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that calories in cranberry juice are in the acceptable level than other juices derived from fruits. Still, dieters are encouraged to consume other food items (even though they want to lose weight )so that they will remain active and fit. Dieting should not mean abstaining from food consumption; instead it should refer to making healthy choices from the food to the beverages that you usually drink. Water is not enough to meet your body’s needs, therefore you should supplement it with natural juices from fruits.

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