Pain: How Does It Affect Your Life

Pain affects everyone in one way or another. Pain can be divided into acute pain or chronic pain. Acute pain tends resolve in a short period of time but has sharp, aching sensation associated with it. Chronic pain is normally dull, throbbing ache that could last more than 6 months.

For someone who suffered from chronic pain, chronic pain can affect their everyday life without realizing. Chronic pain sufferers have reduced ability to function normally and perform their duties. Chronic pain is also linked to depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders. This may even reduce chronic pain sufferers’ ability to stay normal.

Some chronic pain could inhibit mobility and flexibility. This resulted in those suffering in pain to be alone as they lost contact with friends or families. They also have difficulty in walking or carrying things which make them feel like a burden because they need to rely on other people. They are unable to perform activities that we took for granted such as running, dancing, or maintaining personal hygiene. Some conditions could even cause constipation or incontinence.
Therefore it is important for those suffering from chronic pain to properly manage their pain in order to be able to restore their quality of life and not to be restrained by pain that can cause disability. Proper treatment and plan are necessary in order to reduce the liability caused by pain.

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